Who needs Bookkeeping services? Large, medium and small businesses require professional skills such as accounting experts, who analyze their finances under the reality on which they stand, which will undoubtedly allow them to project themselves and have clarity. about the risks that can be taken, given its possibilities, strengths and clearly the financial weaknesses that make up its commercial activity.

For this reason, it is clear that all large, medium and small businesses, from each and every one of the sectors that make up the countless economic activities at a global level, require the hiring of expert personnel in the accounting world, which on the one hand must be in charge of keeping the accounting books, which indicates that in turn it must make or settle the records that make up these books, in other words, keep the company’s records and therefore, ensure that these coincide with the bank’s records, in addition to this, it must be in charge of reconciling the account statements at the end of the month, without fail, since bookkeeping is an accounting exercise that requires rigor and structure, to thus knowing the accounting and financial reality of a business establishment.

On the other hand, accounting experts take care of; support the bookkeeping, analysis and interpretation of the information recorded in the accounting books and financial statements, in order to determine the accuracy of the same and thus obtain a complete financial picture.

It should be noted then that the accounting of a company under the lens of a professional accounting expert, is at all times managed by the parameters of the financial reality that is held within each company, since the accountants are trained to seek and find the weak areas in a company or business, through patterns and inconsistencies in finances, and thus create strategies that help strengthen these areas, as well as identify the strengths that are available, and in this way project how to enhance them.

In order to carry out a practical exercise, below we will list what are the functions of the bookkeeping services, which is under the control and supervision of an accountant, among them are: obtaining, registering and classifying the operations of the company, narrate in writing the accounting facts, execute the tasks according to the pre-established procedures.

Accountants are trained to carry out a business plan grounded in the financial reality of companies; therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be well advised on these points.

Now, among the functions of the accountants are analyze and assess the economic results, group, and compare results, plan and synthesize the procedures to follow, control compliance with the schedule and of course control and supervise the functions of the forks.

It is worth mentioning that digitization and technological tools are available to everything that is required, and company accounting is no exception, so it is understood that books as such are not necessarily physical books, since in Currently there are multiple technological tools that fully fulfill this function, such as accounting software, but they clearly require a professional prepared and an expert in the field, who really feeds these programs with the required information and in an optimal way under their control. accounting knowledge, therefore, it could be said that automation is responsible for making the record in the books to be interpreted and analyzed, under the parameters already detailed.

Through accounting exercises, accountants are trained to carry out a business plan grounded in the financial reality of companies, therefore, it is absolutely necessary to be well advised on these points, since the commercial projections of a company are as necessary as the work team itself, or the clients or the product that is marketed, since there can be nothing closer to the financial failure of a company than working or moving on assumptions, that is why then it is that the functions of These professionals are essential in companies, since a bookkeeper prepares the financial statements of the company, and it is the accountant who interprets these documents and in turn makes financial forecasts, it should be noted that accountants are experts in cost accounting and therefore they are in charge of identifying if it is necessary to increase prices, increase inventory and/or reduce expenses.

For everything indicated here, it can be understood that companies require professionals in the accounting world who really understand and materialize the business plan and project, since the creators know the product or service they provide, inside and out. but the ability of someone who knows accounting is required for these products or services to reach the goals set.