Are you ready to transform your organization into a vibrant hub of diversity, equity, and inclusion? At Roads CG, we are here to guide you on this transformative journey, where embracing diversity is not just a choice – it is your strategic advantage for success.

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Our mission is simple yet powerful: to empower organizations like yours to create workplaces that celebrate every individual’s unique identity. We know that true innovation and growth flourish in an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

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Supplier Diversity Program:

Let us help you tap into underrepresented business talent to enrich your supply chain. Our proven strategies increase diverse business participation, fostering collaboration and innovation.

and Analysis

Uncover your organization’s DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) strengths and areas for growth through our comprehensive assessments. We delve into policies, culture, and practices, giving you a roadmap for positive change.

Economic Inclusion Strategies:

Bridge the gap by extending economic opportunities to underrepresented communities. Our strategies align your organization with local communities, boosting workforce development and empowerment initiatives.

Strategy Development:

Together, let us craft a bespoke DE&I strategy tailored to your organization’s unique DNA. Empower your team with actionable steps that drive inclusivity, equity, and a thriving culture.

ACBD DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Initiatives:

Our Advancing Cultural and Business Diversity (ACBD) DEI initiatives are your roadmap to transformative change. Elevate your organizational culture through assessments, tailored training, and strategic planning.

Training and Education:

Our dynamic workshops and training sessions ignite awareness about biases, inclusion, and cultural competence. Empower your workforce to embrace diversity and drive innovation.

Roads Consulting Services

Policy and Process Review:

Elevate your policies and processes to new heights of fairness and inclusivity. Our experts ensure your foundation is solid, fostering a culture where everyone can excel.

Metrics and Measurement:

Drive results through measurable progress. We help you establish metrics that guide your journey, ensuring data-driven adjustments that align with your goals.

Recruitment and Hiring Support:

Enhance your recruitment processes to attract diverse talent and build a team that reflects the world we live in. Elevate your hiring game with inclusive practices that resonate.

Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution:

In times of challenge, we provide strategic guidance to resolve diversity-related conflicts. Promote open dialogue and uphold your organization’s values.

Leadership Development:

Foster a leadership team that embodies diversity and leads by example. Our coaching and development programs nurture emerging leaders, promoting a culture of inclusivity.

Sustainability and Culture Change:

Cement lasting change by weaving diversity, equity, and inclusion into your organization’s DNA. Together, we cultivate a culture that thrives on the power of diversity.

Roads CG, Roads Consulting Group

Dr. Jose Pérez

Co-owner of DPV transportation and founder of Roads Consulting Group.

Dr. Natoya Walker Minor

Executive leader

Dr. William Morrissette

Chief Administrative Officer of We Reach INC

Clifford Watkin

HR strategist driving growth

Stefanie A. Smith:

Seasoned Diversity Practitioner

Marcus Moore

Activist and skilled facilitator

Laura Botero

Program Manager

María Perez

Catalyst for change with a background in Psychology and Neuroscience.

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Jose perez

Dr. Jose Perez is an experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in
business creation and strategy. Currently the co-owner of DPV transportation a worldwide
chauffeured service company with more than 250 employees and four offices in the US.
Dr. Perez has been awarded over 100 million dollars in corporate bids, opened support
offices in Medellin, Colombia, gotten the award for best places to work with the Boston
Globe for 2 years in a row 2020 & 2021, and has been awarded twice for grants in
workforce development to support his staff and create more roles. Dr. Perez is the founder
of Roads Consulting Group a Business Strategy consulting minority-owned firm that
specializes in disadvantaged communities and businesses. Through his firm, he has been
able to help hundreds of businesses in beating the gap of inequality. Today, Jose teaches
at Baystate College, serves as a board member of Dorchester Bay Economic
Development, and oversees a few personal business/ investments. Dr. Perez Is a
devoted member of the community who truly enjoys helping business owners achieve
their path to success.

Cliffor Watkin

Clifford Watkin has an unbroken record of success helping companies implementing human resources strategies that help companies grow, attract and retain talent, and embrace diversity.
Clifford has created comprehensive employee acquisition and retention strategies for private sector employers, professional services firms and non-profit organizations. His work covers the gamut of HR issues including legal compliance,performance management, on-boarding and creating effective corporate cultures.
His personal experience drives his passion for helping corporate organizations and minority-owned businesses succeed, assisting companies develop and manage a diverse workforce, and bringing together smart business practices and policies that improve top line revenue, bottom line growth and increased employee satisfaction. In South Africa, where Clifford grew up, he saw first-hand the difference it can make when people have equal access to capital, land, education and resources.
Clifford has been a regular speaker at the Northeast Human Resources Association and Employee Benefits Council. He is a subject matter expert on human resources for the Boston Business Journal and Employee Benefits News. Clifford is also an adjunct faculty member in Human Resources for Salem State University and SHRM certification instructor at North Shore Community College. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University. Most recently, Circle Strategies, Inc. was selected to be the HR strategic advisor for Eastern Bank’s Business Equity Initiative, a program developed to help accelerate the growth of Hispanic and African-American owned local enterprises

Maria Perez

I have an educational background in Psychology/Neuroscience and became passionate about entrepreneurship. I have an innate desire to learn and grow, furthermore to help others do the same. I am constantly searching for new ways to make a difference, and what better way than being part of an organization who prioritizes helping others cave the path to success.

Jose Perez CEO & Founder

Jose perez

Co-owner of DPV transportation and founder of Roads Consulting Group. With 15+ years of business strategy experience, Jose is dedicated to driving positive change and helping businesses thrive.

Dr. Natoya Walker Minor

Executive leader, known for leading through change and fostering community collaborations. As Deputy General Manager at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, she drives diversity, equity & inclusion, and believes diverse companies can seize contract opportunities. With a Ph.D. in executive leadership and executive certificates, Natoya is committed to positive change.

William Morrissette

Chief Administrative Officer of We Reach INC. His Ph.D. in Philosophy and law enforcement background bring extensive expertise to criminal justice and workforce development.

Clifford Watkin

HR strategist driving growth, talent retention, diversity, and inclusion. With expertise in employee acquisition and legal compliance, Clifford is a pivotal figure in promoting equitable and inclusive corporate cultures.

Stefanie A. Smith

Seasoned Diversity Practitioner, and founder of Smith Squared and Associates. With academic knowledge and real-world success, Stefanie offers comprehensive Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging strategy services.

Marcus Moore

Activist and skilled facilitator, accelerating racial equity. Marcus’s engaging presentations and unique partnerships ignite transformations that resonate across corporations and districts.

Laura Botero

As a program manager professional with 8 years of extensive experience in higher education and international education management and implementation with a strong focus on gender equity and inclusion, Laura will add her ability to develop successful programs through effective stakeholder engagement and relationship building.

Maria Perez

Catalyst for change with a background in Psychology and Neuroscience. As a dedicated advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles, she has played a pivotal role as an overseer of the Harris County Technical Assistance program. Leveraging her DBE/ACDBE certification, Maria champions equitable opportunities and nurtures underrepresented talents within the business development landscape, helping to drive lasting positive change.