Our History

In the bustling world of business, where dreams strive to become realities and success is the language spoken by all, there emerged a visionary, Dr. Jose Perez. In 2017, armed with a profound understanding of the challenges businesses face, Dr. Perez embarked on a mission. He saw that while many businesses dreamed big, the journey from inception to growth, and maintaining profitability along the way, was full of obstacles. Thus, Roads Consulting Group (Roads CG) was born—a beacon of hope for businesses determined to navigate the complexities of growth with profitability along the way.

The tale of Roads CG began with a groundbreaking initiative in the heart of Boston. Over 26 months, the dedicated consultants of RCG lent their expertise to over 200 businesses, weaving a narrative of success and community upliftment. This was not just consultancy; it was a partnership for growth, setting a precedent for what was possible when businesses and experts collaborated.

From there, the journey of Roads CG took flight, reaching out to cities and communities far and wide. The City of Chelsea, the expansive landscapes of Harris County, the innovative State of Vermont, the historic city of Revere, the industrious Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, the vibrant Providence, RI, and the pioneering Washington State—all became chapters in the ever-expanding story of Roads CG. Each project, a testament to the firm’s commitment to fostering economic development and empowering businesses to achieve their full potential.

At the core of Roads CG’s philosophy is a belief in strategic growth. Working hand in hand with business owners and entrepreneurs, Roads CG dives deep into the intricate needs of businesses, crafting bespoke Technical Assistance programs that not only address immediate challenges but also pave the way for sustained success. This commitment to strategic, profitable growth has been the hallmark of Roads CG’s approach, transforming the landscape of business consultancy.

But what truly sets Roads CG apart is its collaborative spirit. Viewing each client as a partner, the team at Roads CG delivers consulting services that resonate with the objectives and strategies of their clients’ organizations. It’s a partnership that transforms, a partnership that innovates.

At the heart of Roads CG’s mission is a simple yet powerful promise: to offer the road to success. It’s a commitment to helping businesses not just survive but thrive in an ever-changing market landscape. With tailor-made strategies that consider each company’s unique strengths and challenges, Roads CG prepares businesses for the road ahead, ensuring they’re not just participants in their industry but leaders.

In essence, Roads CG is more than a consulting firm; it’s a journey towards achieving unparalleled success. The team’s experienced consultants are ready to guide businesses through strategic planning, navigating market conditions, and embracing future changes with confidence. With Roads CG, the path to success is not just envisioned but realized.

So, to every business dreaming of growth, of innovation, of lasting success—Roads CG extends its hand, inviting you to embark on this journey together. Contact us today, and let’s navigate the road to success, transforming your vision into a thriving reality.