Digital Marketing in general is a set of actions aimed at generating positive results against a brand, company or business dedicated to marketing goods or services, for which each of these actions plays a fundamental role when it comes to triggering them since each one of them has special relevance, it could be said then that the aforementioned has specific meaning when understood as a set, which must be orchestrated in harmony in order to achieve the proposed objectives with it.

It is necessary to indicate that the actions of which marketing is composed can in a general sense be useful tools for all those who need to do from within their companies, brands, businesses or ventures, that their products or services are known and thus achieve the desired rotation, but in order to be a little more specific we could specify that not all the formulas that are applied in digital marketing are beneficial for all types of companies and businesses in general, since each one from its specificity and the requirements of its commercial activity, generate different objectives and goals to achieve.

Digital marketing is the open door to a world of business possibilities, since it is a showcase that not only references products and services, but also functions as a seller and marketing execution 24/7

That is why, clearly, before developing or implementing a set of actions aimed at the use of marketing tools made available to a company, brand or business, a marketing strategy or plan for said commercial activity must be developed. that allows to clearly identify what is required, and in this way activate the resources that will enhance the plan or strategy to be deployed.

And it is that digital marketing currently has channels or media such as; the correct and enhanced use of social media, well-structured websites built based on the needs and purposes of the business or company that require them, blogs and articles that not only account for the importance and necessity of the products or services that are market, but also to properly position the brand or company, suitable tools and digital media that allow the development of strategies to be implemented, effective but careful emailing campaigns that are not taken or received as spam, ADS, SEO and SEM strategies, among some others. factors to consider, and clearly the traditional media such as television, radio, widely circulated newspapers, billboards, flyers and brochures, among many other advertising media as they used to be called.

In order to contextualize what has been said a little, we could cite an example that clearly determines the importance or necessity of implementing a digital marketing strategy adapted to the requirements and purposes of each business establishment, given that, as already stated, not all the means to marketing are a viable tool that can be applied indiscriminately to all companies, since marketing is not a magic formula that when applied works interchangeably to all forms of business in general, therefore it is necessary to carry out a prior analysis and identify which is the best, compared to what is available, and that is that we will agree that, for a mental health clinic, emailing campaigns that promote services should not necessarily be carried out within their marketing strategies, since it would result somewhat inappropriate, but on the contrary you can send emails that promote mental health campaigns.

Another highly outstanding advantage that digital marketing brings with it is the proximity to customers and potential customers.

Therefore, and continuing with the practical example, for this type of business that provides a service, which requires advertising and in turn seeks recognition, the ideal is to be well positioned in Google search, and this is achieved by having a great tool, which is nothing more than a well-structured website, where the ideal is that behind it there is a team or marketing expert who is in charge of positioning it using their vast experience and extensive knowledge, together with for this reason, social media  are a great support, since in them you can treat from medicine, psychology and psychiatry, the extensive world of mental health, through topics of interest.

However, this does not mean that the other tools not used in the immediately previous example cannot be activated, quite the contrary, each means is useful and clearly necessary, the idea in this is to create different strategies and optimize the resources in order to understand under the magnifying glass of an expert and visibly measurable analysis, what is the marketing plan to execute in the coming months, perform constant metric analysis and enhance or modify what is required in order to execute truly solid campaigns and profitable for the company, brand or business.

The benefits that digital marketing brings to companies are not only what is detailed above, since there are multiple factors that really enhance the campaigns and resources invested, and it is precisely being able to quantify everything that is deployed in the efforts that are available, it is something highly representative for the businessmen and/or those in charge of accounting for the investments versus the results, so having clear figures regarding the appeals filed is a latent benefit, added to this, and as already expressed, it is really necessary to indicate that, given the feasibility of measuring the campaigns that are running, these can be adjusted or modified in order to obtain the proposed objectives.

Another highly outstanding advantage that digital marketing brings with it is the proximity to customers and potential customers, given that the tools put at the service of marketing allow segmenting the target audience, which makes it really feasible to listen to them, get to know them, understand their needs, and supply them. and anticipate what may come, since it is constant feedback between the public and its supplier of goods or services depending on the specific case.