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Roads Consulting Group (Roads CG) was founded after recognizing businesses’ needs to strategically grow while still being profitable, productive, and technologically advanced. We work closely with business owners and entrepreneurs to address their complex business needs and improve their business objectives.

We deliver consulting services to help our clients become more efficient and effective by supporting and objective of their organization’s strategy and design. At Roads CG, we work as collaborative partners with our clients to provide valuable guidance and transform organizations.

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Consulting is committed to helping your business reach its full potential. Our experienced consultants will work with you to develop a strategic plan that takes into account your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as current market conditions. We will help you prepare for any changes that may lie ahead so that you can continue to grow and prosper. Our tailor-made communication strategies will ensure that your entire organization is on the same page, moving towards the same goal. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve success!

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide systematic, innovative, and sustainable solutions that strengthen organizations by increasing efficiency and reduce cost.


The enterprise’s resourceful walk to results, and we go together to make big ideas big business; Roads Consulting Group makes it happen.


We firmly believe in our company and others’ relationship, with ethical values between what we want and what our customers want.


We believe in constant innovative business growth as a source of inspiration for new business horizons; we dare to realize ideas.

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Jose and Daniel Perez at Roads Consulting Group

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My family and I had been running a very successful Mexican restaurant for over 10 years, but I always felt that we weren’t reaching our full potential. After meeting Jose from Roads Consulting Group I was able to Step away from the restaurant and focus more on the business side of it as far as taxes and bringing it up to date with today’s standards.
La Hacienda - Roads Consulting Group Customer
Aldo Callejas
Owner of La Hancienda | Restaurant & Bar
Roads Consulting Group helped me bring life into my salon business, helping me with putting my business on the internet and bringing new clients to my door.
Maria Fuentes
Owner of Estefany Unisex Beauty Salon
Roads consulting group is a pleasure to work with as they resolved Finiacial issues by planing ahead and setting goals to reach for my company . They also helped by creating a organized scheduled for the jobs we perform and setting contract formats to help make the billing end easier and less overwhelming.
JWC Plumbing - Roads Consulting Group Customer
John Cresta
Owner of JWC Plumbing
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Jillie Tempest

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Jose perez

Jose Perez CEO & Founder

Dr. Jose Perez is an experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in
business creation and strategy. Currently the co-owner of DPV transportation a worldwide
chauffeured service company with more than 250 employees and four offices in the US.
Dr. Perez has been awarded over 100 million dollars in corporate bids, opened support
offices in Medellin, Colombia, gotten the award for best places to work with the Boston
Globe for 2 years in a row 2020 & 2021, and has been awarded twice for grants in
workforce development to support his staff and create more roles. Dr. Perez is the founder
of Roads Consulting Group a Business Strategy consulting minority-owned firm that
specializes in disadvantaged communities and businesses. Through his firm, he has been
able to help hundreds of businesses in beating the gap of inequality. Today, Jose teaches
at Baystate College, serves as a board member of Dorchester Bay Economic
Development, and oversees a few personal business/ investments. Dr. Perez Is a
devoted member of the community who truly enjoys helping business owners achieve
their path to success.

Milena Ramirez

Milena Ramirez Executive Assistant at Roads Consulting Group

Milena was born and raised in Colombia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and
Tourism Management. She was an Au pair for two years in Portland, Oregon and from it,
her love for the United States and its people grew. During this time she served at Portland
Rescue Mission, Royal Family Kids Camp, and her local Church following Jesus’ steps
on earth. Since she got back to Colombia she has been working remotely for US-based
companies in the service industry. Since April 2021, she has been working with our CEO
as her assistant. She enjoys her job and strongly believes that the way to honor the trust
Roads CG has given her is to work to the best of her ability providing an excellent service
to external and internal clients. Milena currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia, and enjoys life
with her wonderful husband and family.

Cliffor Watkin

Clifford Watkin has an unbroken record of success helping companies implementing human resources strategies that help companies grow, attract and retain talent, and embrace diversity.
Clifford has created comprehensive employee acquisition and retention strategies for private sector employers, professional services firms and non-profit organizations. His work covers the gamut of HR issues including legal compliance,performance management, on-boarding and creating effective corporate cultures.
His personal experience drives his passion for helping corporate organizations and minority-owned businesses succeed, assisting companies develop and manage a diverse workforce, and bringing together smart business practices and policies that improve top line revenue, bottom line growth and increased employee satisfaction. In South Africa, where Clifford grew up, he saw first-hand the difference it can make when people have equal access to capital, land, education and resources.
Clifford has been a regular speaker at the Northeast Human Resources Association and Employee Benefits Council. He is a subject matter expert on human resources for the Boston Business Journal and Employee Benefits News. Clifford is also an adjunct faculty member in Human Resources for Salem State University and SHRM certification instructor at North Shore Community College. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University. Most recently, Circle Strategies, Inc. was selected to be the HR strategic advisor for Eastern Bank’s Business Equity Initiative, a program developed to help accelerate the growth of Hispanic and African-American owned local enterprises

Andrea perez

Andrea Perez Senior Consultant

Andrea Perez is a resourceful, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented real estate professional
with ten years of acquired expertise. Her move from Colombia to Boston at the age of
seventeen provided Andrea with a keen knowledge of the city’s diverse neighborhoods.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science and Interior Design degree from The New
England Institute of Arts, Andrea served as a Foreclosure Prevention Counselor,
examining her clients’ financial situations and offering guidance to keep them in their
homes. She harnessed her passion for housing to the world of residential real estate,
where her clients appreciate her high regard for honest, ethical and transparent
Andrea’s fluency in Spanish, combined with her certification in Credit Counseling, Loss
Mitigation, and Financial Capability, make her an unequivocal go-to resource for all real
estate needs. A resident of Malden, Andrea has fallen in love with Boston’s historic
architecture and diversity throughout the city. Today, she is an active member of the
American Society of Interior Designers and board member of The National Association of
Hispanic Real Estate Professionals and works on Roads Consulting Group as a Senior
Consultant for Small Businesses. She has assisted and advised hundreds of businesses
with certification processes, state applications, and loan applications, among others.

Keith Alex Greenaway

Mr. Greenaway was raised in Boston as a member of a West Indian immigrant family. He holds a law degree and becomes established as a Corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions legal specialist.  Mr. Greenaway is a product of British schooling and Boston Public School systems. Following his practice at large law firms in New York and Boston, Mr. Greenaway launched a company providing advisory intermediary and agency services in the trading of bank-issued discounted commercial paper in Zurich, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, SAR China.

In recent years, he has brought innovative thinking in partnering with and advising entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises in company stabilization, exponential growth strategies, increased shareholder equity, job creation & retention, and exit strategies – primarily through his work with the Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council. Mr. Greenaway currently serves a Chairman of Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp a leading developer and owner of affordable housing and award-winning CDFI and as an appointee by Governor Baker to his Black Advisory Commission.

Most recently, he partnered with one of his more mercurial clients to established and build Intelimas Corporation into a significant business enterprise in the healthcare sector that plays a role in improving the lives of people.

Rodrigo Villa​

Rodrigo grew up in the United States, studied High School and got a college degree in Computer Literacy. He has been working for two years as a Bookkeeper for Small Businesses and he is certified QuickBooks Online User.
Rodrigo is dedicated to his job, respectful and loves to challenge himself to complete all different types of tasks. He loves to help others and has been a great support for all the Roads CG team members.

Daniela Vasquez

Daniela was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism Management. She was an Au pair for two years in Falls Church, Virginia. She worked for a year for Norwegian Cruise lines as a Guest Service Representative.  Since she got back to Colombia she has been working remotely for US-based companies in different fields. In one of these companies, she worked as a recruiter assistant which gave her the experience to work in her current job. Since April 2022, she has been working with Roads as part of our Recruitment team. She is passionate about her job, helping to connect the best professionals in Colombia with companies in the USA.

Maria Perez

I have an educational background in Psychology/Neuroscience and became passionate about entrepreneurship. I have an innate desire to learn and grow, furthermore to help others do the same. I am constantly searching for new ways to make a difference, and what better way than being part of an organization who prioritizes helping others cave the path to success.

Catalina chinchilla

Visual Artist, Industrial designer & Art Director, More than 10 years of experience. I put the customer experience in the center of my priorities. I have worked with Fortune500 companies, Fintech in London and Multiple startups around the world, Art Director of Immersive Van Gogh and Multiple experiences and shows around the States and Canada and currently helping out multiple business owners to enhance their visual identity and web-design around Massachusetts area.

William Morrissette

Dr. William Morrissette is Department Chair and Professor for Criminal Justice at Bay State College.  In this capacity, he oversees all aspects of program operations including strategic planning, curriculum development, faculty hiring, budgeting, and learning outcomes planning and assessment.  In addition to a Ph.D. in Philosophy, he also holds a Master of Arts in Human Development and a Bachelor of Arts in History.  He is a certified trainer in mobile digital forensics with the company MSAB which is based in Sweden.  Additionally, William is certified in law enforcement by way of completion of the basic police training at the U.S. Treasury’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and is also certified as a polygraph examiner by the Central Intelligence Agency. In addition to his duties as Chair of Criminal Justice, William also serves as program director for an Elder, Deaf, Deaf Blind and, Hard of Hearing victim of crime advocacy program funded by the federal Victims of Crime Act.  Prior to these positions he served for 15 years as President and Lead Trainer of Intuition, which was a national forensic consulting and training firm specializing in lie detection, forensic interviewing, and criminal interrogation.  Prior to Intuition, he served two years as a police officer and six years as a counter-intelligence interrogator/polygraph examiner with the Central Intelligence Agency.  

Andres Hicapie

Andres Hincapie IT Consultant

Andres has been the IT Consultant since 2019. In his position, he is responsible for
making all systems work in Roads Consulting Group. He can also provide solutions to all
types of tasks in a work area by applying analysis to the construction of technical and
computer solutions for our clients. Andres studied Telecommunications Engineering in
Colombia. Knowledge in web development, implementation, and management of
computer networks. Design and development in mobile applications. When Andres is not
working, he likes to share time with his family and acquire knowledge in software

Natalia cardona

Natalia Cardona

Natalia Cardona is a Communicator and Corporate Relations Specialist with a passion
for brand management as a marketing tool. She has 12 years of experience in the public
and private sectors. Expert in the planning, management, and coordination of 360°
activities in marketing, digital marketing, advertising, communications, and commercials.
She has had the opportunity to work for several recognized companies in Colombia and
the USA. When she’s not working, Natalia enjoys practicing yoga, dancing with her 11-
month-old son, and spending time with her spoiled Boston Terrier, Milu. Natalia’s
experience and skills make her an excellent communicator and corporate relations

Camila Calcetero

Camila Calcetero grew up in Medellin, Colombia, although she lived in Orlando, FL for
many years. There she learned and developed many skills in different job opportunities
where she got enrolled: Visual Merchandising Management, Customer Service, and
mainly Accounting matters. Camila’s personality stands out for her authenticity, creativity,
organizational skills, and ethical values. Professional and Experienced Bookkeeper in the
field for over 10 years. Specializes in recording financial transactions, producing final and
accurate reports stating accounting records and procedures for any company using the
well-known software QuickBooks. Passionate about her work and always looking to
exceed the customer’s expectations while safeguarding the company’s interest. Camila
is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive and tireless energy to
encourage others to work hard and succeed. Camila is inspired daily by her desire to live
intensively and enjoy her hobbies of dancing, music, reading, and writing. She is
nowadays the Accounting Assistant at Roads Consulting Group and her consistency and
desire to directly build relationships with potential customers has allowed her to introduce
confidence and build loyalty. Some of her biggest achievements in life include: handling
challenges and change, being able to pursue an interest in her professional and personal
goals getting a positive impact, exercising leadership. However, the most valuable
accomplishment has been the learning process throughout these years overcoming
obstacles and adversities

Dairo Arteaga

Dairo has been the Financial Controller since 2022 In his position, he is responsible for preparing and presenting all the financial reports in Roads Consulting Group. He can also provide solutions to all types of financial tasks by making policies, and creating forms for the receivables and payables clients and suppliers respectively. Dairo studied Public Accounting in Colombia and has an MBA in International Management. When Dairo is not working, he likes to write poems, he dreams about one day having a complete book of poems and sharing it with the people for free.

Fernando Morillo

Fernando Morillo was born 23 years ago in San Juan del Cesar, Colombia, on March 19,
1999. He has a very close family made up of his parents and his sister. He considers
himself a creative, adventurous, and responsible person, which developed his skills to
choose the career he decided to study: Graphic and web design. He studied at LCI, a
Canadian university of arts, which also allowed him to learn more in English. He finished
his studies in 2018 and began to gain work experience as a designer in the Mayor’s office
of his city. In his free time, he also worked as a freelance web designer for different
companies which created a taste in him for designing and developing web pages, for 4
years he was acquiring the work experience that he needed to be able to achieve the job
that he enjoys doing the most, which is to dedicate himself completely to the creation and
development of websites, which is the job that he is at right now at Roads CG.

Laura Suarez

Social communicator and journalist with comprehensive training in the human and professional field. Passionate about designing and diagramming marketing and advertising pieces, proposals and corporate diagnoses. I have more than 3 years of experience working with companies based in US. I am an animal lover who enjoys traveling and meeting new cultures.

Catarina Chang

Roads CG Senior Marketing Consultant Catarina Chang

Catarina Chang is a Massachusetts native and attended Boston University where she graduated with honors in 2011, majoring in business and hospitality. She has many passions and pursuits including entrepreneurship. Catarina owns and operates a full-service restaurant in downtown Boston which has been operational for eight years. She also owns a digital marketing firm as well as shares her love of animals with the operation of her dog daycare. She is a senior marketing consultant for Roads Consulting Group and enjoys helping other business owners thrive.

Tealye Long

Tealye Long was born and raised in Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in Organizational Science from George Washington University. After eight years co-founding and operating an import-distribution company based in Washington DC, she’s joined our team as a strategic consultant. She has experience managing and growing five CPG brands from South America in 18 states, working with national accounts such as Whole Foods, MGM, and Think Food Group. Her clients have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Condé Nast. Tealye offers valuable perspective specializing in operations, growth strategy, marketing, and fundraising.

Danyela Galeano

My name is Danyela Galeano Espinosa, I’m the CEO of DG Marketing Advisory, with over 5 years of experience in marketing. Create content for social media has been one of my biggest accomplishments and challenges at the same time; consumers are rational and emotional, so it’s hard to find the right way to get their attention and engage them with the brand, but when you find out that way is 90% a successful relationship.

I’m a fashion designer from Colombia with knowledge on graphic and digital design. I specialized in digital marketing, e-commerce and customer service in the United States with experienced working in tourism, hospitality and real states groups such as Boston Harbor Cruises and San Angel Group.
Furthermore, I’m bilingual, Spanish is my native language, and I’m fluent in English.

I’m a powerful force in the workplace and I use my positive attitude and energy to work hard, generate new ideas and be very proactive day by day.