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Our main goal is to aknowledge the needs of a business and approach them strategically in order to make the company grow and stay profitable.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide systematic, innovative, and sustainable solutions that strengthen organizations by increasing efficiency and reduce cost.

What Our Clients Say


My family and I had been running a very successful Mexican restaurant for over 10 years, but I always felt that we weren’t reaching our full potential. After meeting Jose from ROADS I was able to Step away from the restaurant and focus more on the business side of it as far as taxes and bringing it up to date with today’s standards.

Aldo Callejas

Owner of La Hancienda | Restaurant & Bar

ROADS Consulting Group helped me bring life into my salon business, helping me with putting my business on the internet and bringing new clients to my door.

Maria Fuentes

Owner of Estefany Unisex Beauty Salon

Roads consulting group is a pleasure to work with as they resolved Finiacial issues by planing ahead and setting goals to reach for my company . They also helped by creating a organized scheduled for the jobs we perform and setting contract formats to help make the billing end easier and less overwhelming.

John Cresta

Owner of JWC Plumbing

Our Core Values

We Are Ethical, Resourceful And Innovative Consultors

We firmly believe in the relationship between our company and others, with ethical values between what we want and what our customers want; Through innovation, outside the box thinking, unconventional solutions and talented professionals we will tailor your unquestionable success; We believe in constant innovative business growth as a source of inspiration for new business horizons, we dare to realize ideas.

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Our Work in Numbers

We work as collaborative partners with our clients to provide valuable guidance and transform organizations. In essence, RCG offers various roads to success.

We have a specialized team of professionals with decades of experience

Our Team

Jose G. Perez
Catarina Chang
Senior Marketing Consultant
Adrian Burgos
Chief Operating Officer

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What We Offer

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Operations Management

We will work closely with your operations and determine your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

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Policies & Procedures

We guarantee business independence by stepping away from the traditional authoritarian chain of command.

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Organizational Structure

As your organization starts growing, it’s important that your organizational structure grows as well.

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Executive Leadership

Fast-growing companies need strategic leaders with effective skills. At RCG, we empower executives.

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